We at Tamarind have met some difficult challenges with keeping Indian cuisine going. But we are very excited to invite you to join us on our unique journey to continue to follow the passion we have for incredible food and an outstanding dining experience. 
We are a diverse family who come from different corners of the world, but we share a common belief that food is not just sustenance and art but is a love language- pieces of our history and ancestry passed down through secret recipes and time spent gathered over a hot stove. Our passion for food tells the story of where we have been and who we are. It shapes our very first memories and describes the women who raised us. 
We invite you to journey with us to the streets of Thailand as we serve up more treasured recipes gifted to us from our mothers and aunties. These are the dishes that have gathered us around our own family table many times and we are honored to be sharing them with you. 
Thank you to all of the incredible humans who have celebrated the heart and soul we have put into our food for the 3 years we have operated as Tamarind// Fine cuisine of India. We hope you will will join us on our Thai Tamarind journey. 
NAMASTE from the Thapa family.